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Recommended Products

With all the hype and unproven claims of so many natural health products, you need an experienced professional to identify what works and what doesn't. Here is why I recommend the following natural health products:

» Blendtec® Blenders View Blendtec blenders.

I love the blendtec blender for several reasons. The preprogrammed buttons let me step away to prepare the rest of my meal. I don't need to worry about being right there to shut it off because it will do it automatically. The lid is easy to pop off so you can add ingredients while blending. After blending, the food comes out easily. It makes the creamiest dips so divine! It also fits nicely under the cabinets and looks attractive on your countertop. But probably my favorite thing about this blender—the thing that keeps this busy mom grabbing it over and over again— is how lightweight and easy to clean it is!

» BioMat View Biomat products.

If I had to name the one tool I would never want to live without, it would hands down be my BioMat. I use my BioMat every day! Spending a few minutes on the BioMat induces the theta brainwave state which provides me with the best sleep I’ve had in years. BioMat combines three powerful vibrations that resonate deep into your body's tissue.

1) Far Infrared Rays (FIR heat is the most beneficial light wave) penetrate your skin, increasing circulation and metabolism. They also reduce inflammation, eliminate bad bacteria, heal soft tissue, relax muscles, detox the body, and boost your immune system.

2) Negative Ions affect the speed that serotonin is oxidized in the bloodstream, thereby increasing your energy and alertness.

3) Amethyst keeps the internal organs clean and strong and aid in production of hormones. These systems combine to create a synergistic effect that is out of this world! It's so relaxing—it’s like taking a mini-vacation everyday!

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» Body Ecology System View Body Ecology products.

The Body Ecology System focuses on restoring the body’s inner ecosystem. The seven principles are easily incorporated into any type of diet. The Body Ecology System restores the disrupted balance of eating the standard American diet. I have coached many people using the Body Ecology System to re-establish the inner eco-system with great success! Body Ecology products are head and shoulders above similar products on the market. They don't contain fillers or added ingredients like other products. And most companies that strive to use all natural foods frequently miss the fundamental principle of balance. The Body Ecology products are specifically designed to create balance and ultimately re-establish your inner ecosystem. My family loves the gluten-free probiotic liquids, and I feel good knowing I am giving them a drink that provides energy and builds their bodies up rather than breaks them down. The wisdom in creating these products is truly amazing!

» Selina Naturally™ Celtic Sea Salt® View Celtic Sea Salt products.

I love to recommend this company to people because I know they will not be disappointed. Celtic Sea Salt Brand salt is authentic, unprocessed, gourmet, kosher, whole salt from one of the most pristine coastal regions of France. Selina also provides a variety of health/beauty salts, kitchen tools, herbs, and organic products.

» Body Health MAP View Body Health MAP products.

You probably know that protein is an important dietary requirement, but are you aware how it's made? Well, without amino acids there would be no protein. It takes 22 amino acids to make the 50,000 different proteins you must have to be healthy. On its own, the body can manufacture 14 of those amino acids. So how do you get the other eight? From your diet. With the protein supplement Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP), you get all the essential amino acids needed to make protein – no other form of protein comes close!

» E3Live® View E3Live products.

E3Live is a nutritional blue-green algae that provides over 64 different nutrients to the cells in the body! This organic food is easily assimilated in the body and packs a punch as its amino acid profile is nearly identical to the human body. But that’s not all! It's also loaded with vitamins and minerals. Because of its vast nutritional composition, it has been used for thousands of years to increase energy, lose weight, enhance cognition, lower blood pressure, and cure depression, as well as many other issues. I started my children on this product to increase their attention and focus. I've had great success, and they don’t mind the taste. I choose this form of algae because of the standards used in processing this product. With E3Live, I am assured of the freshest algae on the market.

» Dressing Your Truth View more information.

If you've ever felt defeated in a dressing room, faced a closet full of clothes but still felt you had nothing to wear, or thought you had to be skinny to be beautiful, Dressing Your Truth will be a much-appreciated reality check that will help you discover and celebrate your own, unique beauty.


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