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About Roxsanne Bochman

Improve your energy, health, and longevity with Roxsanne Bochman. Roxsanne Bochman has extensive experience healing the mind and body with natural healing techniques. Let her make a difference in your life.

After receiving her masters degree, Roxsanne worked in skilled nursing at a hospital for over ten years. With a focus on rehabilitation and neurological care, she helped children and adults who had brain injuries, developmental disorders, and behavioral health issues. She worked directly with patients, as well as conducted medical research. Her research found that adults were coming in for treatment at much younger ages and childhood developmental disorders (i,e. autism) were increasing at an alarming rate. As she continued to treat patients and analyze her research, two themes became apparent:

      » A patient's attitude about healing was critical to recovery.
      » Nutrition matters in recovery and prevention of illness.

Roxsanne had a new mission: to reconnect people with their natural state of energy, health, and happiness so they can thrive in their life.

For the next few years, Roxsanne studied traditional healing nutrition, getting her certification in the world-renowned Body Ecology system of health and healing. As a Certified Body Ecology coach, Roxsanne began to help people in her community recover from a variety of illnesses including skin problems, digestive pain, arthritis, and mood disorders.

Recognizing that stress and attitude play a large role in health and healing, Roxsanne added energy healing to her skill set. She became a expert in Pranic Healing, Reiki, the Emotional Freedom techniques, energy medicine, and the LifeLine technique. She uses energy healing techniques to move energy so that you can heal from illness, emotional stress, and addictions.


Education Profile

Masters Degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Minnesota State University, Mankato

Certified Body Ecology Coach

Certified LifeLine Practitioner

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy Medicine Certification

Reiki Master