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Certified Body Ecology Coach

Restore and maintain your body's digestive system, and you'll have a healthier immune, endocrine, circulatory, and central nervous system.
The Body Ecology program is specifically designed to help you cultivate, nourish, cleanse, and repair your inner ecosystem — naturally!

Roxsanne Bochman has extensive experience as a Body Ecology coach. Through your consultations with her, you'll learn just how easy it is to:

» Add cultured foods, probiotics, and raw foods to your diet.
   Putting these foods into your digestive system will improve
   function, enhance nutrition absorption, and reduce cravings.
   Read Roxsanne's article on cultured vegetables.

» Change the quality of fats and oils you consume.
   Substituting good fats into your diet (i.e. flaxseed, coconut,
   palm, fish, pumpkin seed) will improve your liver function.

» Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and sugars.
   Learning how to control your cravings by changing your
   diet will eliminate urges to snack or eat out.

» Plan delicious meals with proper food combinations.
   Enhancing digestion with certain combinations of foods
   will also help you lose weight and look younger.

Gradually changing your eating habits is key. Many other diets expect people to "cold turkey" into a new way of eating, but Roxsanne will help you incorporate the new foods into your diet slowly so you get used to eating healthier. Certainly you agree this approach is much more successful than shocking your body by altering foods too quickly.

Find relief from a variety of health issues. According to the Mayo Clinic, many health problems are known to be affected by your diet, including ADD, ADHD, autism, allergies, diabetes, digestive problems, emotional problems, fibromyalgia, immune disorders, heart disease, thyroid disorders, to name a few. The Body Ecology diet combines age-old holistic wisdom, including fermented foods, with modern knowledge of diet. While weight loss is not the primary goal of the Body Ecology diet, many people find the pounds falling off as they learn to eat healthier.

If you had the opportunity to avoid costly surgeries or medications simply by changing your diet, you'd at least give it a try, wouldn't you? With so many fad diets out there, it's easy to discredit this one as just another fad. Don't make that mistake. The Body Ecology diet has been proven to reduce and eliminate symptoms of many health problems.

Naturally, you'll want to do as much as you can to alleviate your health problems with as little medication as possible. And obviously, you'll want to start doing it right away so you can start to feel better sooner.

Improve your health and vitality. Get started on the body ecology diet today!
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History of the Body Ecology Diet

The Body Ecology diet was created by Donna Gates after years of researching conventional medicine, ancient Chinese medicine, macrobiotics, natural hygiene, raw foods, and mega-supplement therapy. She incorporated the most beneficial components of each concept into a new system of health and healing. Today, the Body Ecology diet is widely practiced across the globe.
Learn more about the Body Ecology diet.

Roxsanne is a Certified Body Ecology Coach. Learn more about Roxsanne.